Thursday, June 2, 2011

What do you do with six boys? Play baseball?

We visited my sister and her family in Puyallup over Memorial Day weekend. On Saturday afternoon, we walked to their nearby school playground to play a rousing game of baseball: kids versus adults. Yes, we did keep score, and the teams were fairly evenly matched! I discovered that my sweet little twin nephews were quite the base stealers!

The boy huddle
I enjoyed playing second base, and I even got some hits and a run. (I was never much of an athlete growing up!)
Our star batter!
Nicholas was not too thrilled with the baseball game (all he wanted to do was bat, and he even got tired of that after awhile). However, he was thrilled with this nifty Spiderman costume we picked up for $1 at a neighbor's yard sale.
Just when you think your kids have stopped playing with a toy and you are considering giving it away to Goodwill, they pull it out again. Hot Wheels (and the track) have made a comeback! Kieran brought his Hot Wheels track to Puyallup to play with his cousins.
Setting up the track
On Sunday, the aspiring entrepreneurs (who desperately wanted to have a yard sale this weekend but the mean sisters put the nix on that!) had set up a little car wash station for the neighbors' Hot Wheels. Although they appealed to passersby, they didn't get any takers. When the boys were having lunch, I overheard them discussing what they would do with all their cash. They agreed to send it to Mercy Corps to help with Japan or Haiti. Too bad they didn't make any money!
With their signs
The car wash station--I was the only customer!
The kids really made the most of Nadine and David's wooded backyard last weekend...they were climbing up onto the wooded slope and playing in the trees. They had a marvelous time!

Nicholas has been saying all week that he wants us to all live together in Puyallup. (We don't have a "mountain" in our back yard, so ours is unacceptable.) He also wants Grandma and Grandpa to join us. When I asked him where everyone would sleep, he announced that Grandma and Grandpa could sleep in the bathroom.

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