Saturday, June 4, 2011

Two comedies: one not to miss, and one to miss

First, the stinker:

You AgainLast night Mike and I watched "You Again" on DVD. I recall seeing the trailer for this movie and thinking I'd want to see it. Jamie Lee Curtis (one of my faves), Sigourney Weaver, and Betty White? How can you go wrong with that combination of women? The plot could have been done well--as a bullied teen myself, it made me wonder about meeting up with one of the girls who was so mean to me in junior high (Kayleen and Shannon, who are probably both drug addicts and ex-cons now). Well, the speed with which it passed through the movie theaters (and the relative obscurity) should have been a signal.

"You Again" is about a young woman (Marni), teased mercilessly in high school, who returns home for her brother's wedding to discover that he plans to marry her arch nemesis from high school (the girl who bullied her the most). But wait: not just one coincidence...why not throw in three, at least? Marni's mom (Curtis) discovers that her prospective daughter-in-law's aunt is her old childhood friend Ramona (Weaver), with whom she had a falling-out at the senior prom. Not to be outdone, at the end of the movie (after the other women have reconciled--who didn't see that coming?), Grandma (White) sees her own nemesis at the wedding (played by the wonderful Chloris Leachman). The younger actors were unmemorable and unimpressive.

Not only is the movie completely predictable (the couple end up getting married in the hospital, which I could see coming a mile away), but the timing of all of the events (supposedly happening within a few days) is implausible as well.

Furthermore, throughout the film Mike and I kept repeating to each other, "This movie is so bad!" What a waste of talented actors.

And now for the good one:

BridesmaidsLast weekend Mike and David, amazing husbands that they are, watched the boys so my sister Nadine and I could have a sister date. We went to see "Bridesmaids."

Not only did this film have fantastic female bonding, but it also had the highly talented Kristin Wiig (who wrote it) and Maya Rudolph as its leads. And potty humor (literally), as well as a cute Irish cop...and some not-so-cute British roommates.

Annie's (Wiig) best friend Lillian (Rudolph) is going to get married and asks Annie to be her maid of honor. The only problem is that Annie is a bit of a loser, especially in comparison to Lillian's new perfect friend (and bridesmaid) Helen. As Annie plans the shower, bridesmaid dress shopping, and bacholorette party, everything goes wrong...not only in the plans, but also in the rest of her life...while everything Helen does is perfect. Supremely confident, often obnoxious Megan (played by Melissa McCarthy) is the true hero of the film.

I loved this movie, and so did Nadine. Best comedy I've seen since "Date Night." Go see it! It's great fun to see with a sister or close friend, but men enjoy it too. (I'll watch it again with Mike when it comes out on DVD...but I might leave the room this time during one of the scenes! You will know which one when you watch it.)


  1. I was really impressed with Bridesmaids - rarely do I see a comedy that doesn't fall flat in a few (or even several) places when it is trying too hard to be funny. That was not the case with this one, though. Very fun movie!