Friday, June 17, 2011

This day, 21 years ago, I married the man of my dreams

Last year we celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary with an unforgettable, romantic trip to San Francisco.

This year it's much more low key--we will be having dinner on the waterfront and will take a walk along the river, partaking in some rare June Oregon sunshine!!

I can't believe that 21 years have passed already, and Mike and I have known each other for over 24 years. (Those of you who attended our last big Robert Burns whisky-tasting, poetry-reading night to celebrate our 20 years together, get ready for next January's event to celebrate 25!!) Before I met Mike, I wrote down a list of characteristics I was seeking in a life partner, not really expecting to find anyone who had all of them. Sure enough...he did, even down to the fine detail of being a good singer! He even has perfect handwriting. He's truly my soulmate, and I feel so incredibly blessed to share my life with him. Here are some keepsakes from that day, 21 years ago today.

Bulletin cover


The bride--age 25!!

My handsome groom, age 27!
Looking back, we were SO young!!
My favorite of our wedding photos

With our adorable ring bearer and flower girl, my cousins Anne and Elena

The wedding party
Remember how teal was in during that era, as were floral dresses?
With my family
My mom was 50, just 4 years older than I am now!

With Mike's family (his mum, 51)
Mike's brother, Ed, had flown in for 24 hours for the wedding...he never recovered from his jet lag, and during the reception, he'd jump up to dance frenetically for a few songs, and then collapse into a nap at a table. We had two guests from Japan at our wedding, and one of them--Seiji--was one of our groomsmen. Sadly, he became a salaryman shortly afterward and we've lost touch with him. He was such a hoot! In addition to Mike's family from England, we also had his aunt and cousin and family from Ontario, Canada. It was a reasonably small, simple wedding by today's standards, but we had great fun!

Happy anniversary, darling!


  1. I made a list like that my freshman year and Jason met all of my requirements, too! I never thought I would find it but God had other plans! Have a wonderful anniversary, Marie!

  2. Thanks, Katie! We are very lucky women, aren't we?