Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tell Trader Joe's to stop wasting food!

I love Trader Joe's, so whenever I get a whiff of it doing something that doesn't jive with my values, I immediately pay attention. That's why I signed this petition to ask Trader Joe's to stop wasting food.

Dive!: Living off America's WasteJeremy Seifert, maker of the award-winning documentary "Dive!" about food waste, started the petition to get Trader Joe’s CEO Dan Bane, VP of Marketing Matt Sloan, and public relations director Allison Mochizuki to address its food waste policy. According to Seifert, Trader Joe's throws aways its food rather than donate it to homeless shelters and food pantries. This is WAY worse than H&M throwing away its unsold clothing, given the hunger and poverty problems plaguing the country. The U.S. throws away 96 billion pounds of food each year. That is completely scandalous.

Please join me in asking Trader Joe's to walk its talk--and extend its friendly, helpful culture to those outside of the store, who can't afford to shop there.

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