Thursday, June 16, 2011

Singing with Marie

Last Friday was my last day to sing with Kieran's second grade class. I cannot begin to explain how much I have enjoyed this very small volunteer service, and I'm already missing it. Kieran's wonderful teacher, Mrs. Schaeffer, invited the parents and interim principal on the last day. Here we are singing Yellow Submarine (another mom brought in her trumpet to play along)--you can clearly hear Mike and Kieran!:

And Swiss Boy:

Mrs. Mabbott gave a special talk about how sad it is that we do not have music in the schools at this point and thanked me for singing with the kids. We sang a surprise song for Mrs. Schaeffer in the vein of the one we sang for our retiring principal in December. Here's an excerpt:

Then they gave me a wonderful flower arrangement and a basket of wonderful cards and letters. I will treasure these notes--they are absolutely precious. I especially enjoyed seeing the way the children see me!
Mrs. Mabbott and Mrs. Schaeffer

Kieran loves to sit at my side when we are singing

The beautiful flowers and basket of cards

Mrs. McNett is the former music teacher

One of the best compliments I received from a parent was from a mom whose son pretends he doesn't like music (but he gave me a really nice card)! She told me that her son didn't even realize that Maplewood doesn't have music...because of my singing with the kids on Fridays.

From guess who!

My favorite card!

I guess I'm funny!
I just love second graders!!
Note from a parent

One parent wrote me a note, saying that his daughter loves to sing everywhere she goes, but she's had to tone down her internal rhythm this year because of complaints she was annoying some of her classmates. He said this has been a bit stifling for her so he's grateful she's had a venue to release her pent-up musical impulse.
Don't I have long eyelashes?

One of my favorites!
I've always wanted to be a queen of something...

Apparently I have large, orange hands

I love this: I filled hi heart with joy and hope. So sweet!
The Yellow Submarine--a perennial favorite

Pretty pink flowers
My guitar

Another guitar

Lips AND eyelashes!
Someone clearly knows her music...

I will really miss these kids over the much so that I'm planning to have some park singing dates...and I am going to offer to do two classes next year--Kieran's new third grade class (if the teacher wants me, of course) and then I've offered to return to Mrs. Schaeffer's class for her final year of teaching before she retires. It's been just as rewarding for me as it has been for the kids!

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