Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Note from Kieran

The other night Mike told Kieran he needed to take a bath. He responded by saying he'd have a shower in the morning instead. However, Kieran often claims he's too tired in the morning to have a shower. (He's the first one to leave the house in the morning and has to get up at 6:45.) Soon he handed Mike this note:

How could we resist? Of course, he got his way...and he did have a shower in the morning.


  1. Yes! Every child has the right to shower in the morning! :) Beau is starting to want to exercise this right, usually 5 minutes before we're supposed to leave!

  2. That's pretty impressive for a guy of his age! Kieran goes back and forth on showers and baths. But this week he's getting up 15 minutes early every morning (at 6:30) to take his morning shower. :)