Saturday, June 25, 2011

It's not okay to eat that (mold)


I will eat cheese if it has had mold growing on it, but of course I cut off the mold. I was raised to not waste food.

I guess I will need to cut 1 inch off to be safe.

Otherwise, I will not touch a product if it has mold on it.

Good thing--mold penetrates much deeper than the surface. It's not okay to eat mold!


  1. My aunt is a master gardener and I remember her telling my grandma years and years ago about how deep mold penetrates. Ever since then I've pictured little mold tentacles in food!

  2. How funny, Lizzi. My dad is very adventurous when it comes to past-due-date food...guess I picked up a tiny bit of his thrifty ways (with the cheese thing).