Saturday, June 25, 2011

Farmers and Shakespeare

Finally: a nice day in Portland! We took advantage of it by doing more work in the yard, and Mike also took a load of junk to the dump--and another load of wood to my parents' house. We also fit in some fun. This morning we went to the Farmers Market (we are usually regulars but haven't been for several weeks). Kieran was desperate to try artichokes, so we picked up a few at the market. I wanted to try something different than the way I grew up with them--steaming and dipped in butter--so we took a leaf out of a friend's book and baked them in olive oil, lemon, garlic, and chicken broth. I'm not sure whether they didn't cook long enough or we had dud artichokes--but the outer leaves didn't seem to get cooked thoroughly. I'm not talking about the outer, outer leaves...but most of the leaves until the inside. These Italian artichokes (which are purple when raw) supposedly have more meat on them, so we were a bit disappointed. I had to cook them further in the microwave because I was concerned they didn't get cooked enough. But I'm wondering whether they just were not that good. They were expensive, so that was disappointing. The hearts were wonderful, though, and I did like the flavoring.

Looks pretty even if disappointing

Kieran with his artichoke
We had pesto-barbecued salmon and Greek salad to go with our artichokes.
My made-up Greek salad
Marie's Greek Salad

Two cucumbers
One tomato
1/4 Walla Walla sweet onion
handful chopped fresh basil leaves
handful of feta cheese
homemade vinaigrette

I made our vinaigrette with a lovely hazelnut oil we had in the cupboard, olive oil, dijon mustard, honey, and fresh basil. I just realized that I forgot the kalamata olives! Oh well. Next time. It was yummy anyway, and Kieran had thirds or fourths--a success in my book!

After dinner we went to the first "Shakespeare in the Park" of the season. I love Portland in the summer, because the opportunities for free or donation-only entertainment are endless. We have two separate companies performing Shakespeare plays in the park. Tonight was "The Tempest," performed by the Portland Actors Ensemble, who have been performing Shakespeare in the park since 1970. It is being produced at the Lovejoy Fountain, about 1 block from my office.

Mike wore the Shakespeare t-shirt I got for our anniversary (since one of the books he's writing is about Shakespeare, I'm always on the lookout for Shakespeare swag). It has a picture of the bard, and it says "You discussed me."

The kids did really well--even the 4-year-old!--and Kieran especially loved it.
Watching the play

In his Portland Actors Ensemble t-shirt (free with a $20 donation)

Nick and Mike

Chris perusing the program
At the end of the play (the script of which Chris and I were following along on my iPhone), one of the actors got up and said "If you liked the play, tell your friends! If you didn't like it, tell your enemies!" Nick loved this line and kept repeating it on the way home.

So since you are all my friends, I'm telling you about it! Great cultural fun, in the great outdoors, for free (or a donation).

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  1. It looks like so much fun!

    I adore artichokes (especially the hearts) but I don't make them much. We've always had them with butter or mayonnaise, yummy but fairly boring.