Thursday, May 5, 2011

Portland, Let's Make Our Schools Good

Portland Public Schools have two important issues on the ballot this month: one to extend the exisiting levy to continue funding the schools at a reasonable level and protect the jobs of 600 teachers (because the state does not give enough money to the district to maintain this level) and two, to fund a $548 million construction bond to rebuild nine schools and provide desperately needed upgrades to 76 others.

Our own local school has this lovely sight in the main hallway--it's been there for 12 years!!

David Hall, a parent at Abernethy Elementary, recorded this message in song for the voters, ala Woody Guthrie. It's great! Please watch, and get out and VOTE for the kids!

Yes, I know new taxes suck. But Oregon has a lower tax burden than most other states. As the sometimes-grumpy Willamette Week even admits, if voters can finally support Packy the elephant and the salmon, why not the children? They deserve to have reasonable class sizes and buildings that do not pose danger for them!!

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