Sunday, May 22, 2011

Performance week: band/choir concert and dancing

Chris had his final band and choir concert of his middle school career this week. I especially enjoyed this concert, as the small orchestra played "Telemann Sinfonia," which was my favorite piece to play on the violin when I was younger.

He performed in three of the groups--concert band, concert choir, and stage band. I enjoyed the stage band bit the most--jazz band music is more entertaining than usual band music; however, the concert band did an impressive, ambitious piece of music from the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack. Chris got a short drum solo in one of the stage band songs. Stage band closed the show with "Louie, Louie," which is quite popular in Portland.
Cracking up at something
Stage band performance
Chris left on Friday for a band/choir trip to British Columbia, Canada, and he'll come back late Tuesday evening. It feels very quiet around the house with him gone! (No drumming!)

On Saturday Kieran had his final Broadway Dance class through the Oregon Children's Theater, and the kids did a brief performance. We were instructed (by him) to bring flowers. The kid dearly loves the spotlight.

Q&A--answering a question enthusiastically with a show of hands

Posing for photos
Kieran had asked his beloved teacher, Mrs. Schaeffer, to come to see him in the show...which she did! I told her that this was above and beyond her job description. She's very special to our whole family (since she taught Chris, too).
With his flowers, 2nd grade teacher, and Grandma
With more of his fans--our family, Grandpa, and my cousin Tim, his wife, and surrogate daughter

Family photo

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