Thursday, May 5, 2011

Oh America, must we be so flighty?

The most popular baby names in the U.S. are now Isabella and Jacob. Yes, you're right...after the protagonists in Twilight. What excellent role models they are (snark!) The shortened "Bella" is #48 on the list for girls. I actually like the names Isabella and Jacob, but I think it's hilarious they are first on the list...for one reason.

I'm surprised Edward does not make the list...well, maybe not. It doesn't sound nearly as trendy as "Jacob." I don't know of any babies or small children named Edward, even though it's Mike's middle name and his brother's name, and I have an uncle with that name as well. Its time seems to have passed.

I always find it interesting to see where Christopher places on the's #13, in spite of the fact that we actually know very few Christophers outside of our own. Where do they all live?

I have to admit I'm a sucker for the classic names--give me an Michael, Christopher, Alexander, Noah, Daniel, David, Benjamin, Ryan, or Matthew over a Jayden, Landon, Tyler, Brayden, or Connor. And what's with "Angel" being #42 on the list for boys? Seriously?

It's interesting to observe how trendy names are even more popular for girls. If I'd had a girl, I never would have named her Alexis, Brianna, Brooklyn, Layla, Khloe (spelled that way, at least), or Kayla. She would been named "Susannah."

I do like some unusual names--like "Kieran" (which is much more popular across the pond than it is here) or my friend Shelia's daughters' names, Ari and Myla. So I guess I'm not a complete stick in the mud. But my husband, on the other hand...he has even stronger opinions about names than I do...good thing we know noone who has named their son Angel!

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  1. I'm sure Angel is actually "An-hel" and is so popular because of the increasing number of Spanish speakers in the States.

    Give me an Algernon and a Hubert any day!