Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day brunch with the family

We had a nice Mother's Day weekend. Friday night was opening night of High School Musical at the middle school, and the kids did an amazing job!!! Here is Chris with his fellow skaters (he played Ripper, the lead skater--who wants to play the cello):

Chris with Nicky (who he's been in school with since kindergarten)

All of the skaters

Saturday morning I met my cousin's wife at Crafty Wonderland's spring event at the Oregon Convention Center, and we had a grand time! (Forgot to take photos, though.) We each bought a handful of items, but what is most fun about the event is the inspiration and ideas that result. Then I went to meet Mom and my sister, Nadine, at Season's and Regions for lunch. The food is consistently good there, but one of the best things about that restaurant is that they are okay with you lingering and chatting...always a good attribute in a restaurant for us three.

Last night we had chili and cornbread at Mom and Dad's and returned there for brunch today, cooked by the men.

The frittata chef, Mike
Cute David making fruit salad
("I just think David looks so cute when he's cutting up fruit," said my sister)
Cute Dad making potatoes
Nadine with her boys
Me with my boys
Grandma surrounded by grandsons
The lovely brunch table

The kids' table
With my honey

Three moms

Mom with her three kids

With my family at my PLU graduation, May 1986

May 2011
(this is the first family photo we've had taken in YEARS!)
It is SO great to have my brother around again, after several years when he rarely participated in family gatherings. We have seen him twice in the past month (since Easter was so recent). So happy about that!

Hat lover Grandpa with hat-loving grandsons
We returned home for Mike to marshal the kids into doing some house cleaning and I'm drinking a glass of wine and blogging. I feel so blessed to be a mom, to have an amazing mom who lives nearby, and be surrounded by wonderful moms as role models (like my sister and my friends).

On Mother's Day I cannot help but think of all the moms out there who have lost a child, those who have lost their mothers, and those who had difficult mother relationships. Also, the pain of infertility is especially severe on this day. So while I count my own blessings, my heart is with those women who are suffering today.

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