Sunday, May 15, 2011

High School Musical--the last play of middle school...

Chris with his skating buddies
...That is, until Kieran reaches middle school! Chris had a great time with this show, being Ripper (a skateboarder who secretly wants to play the cello).

Even though "High School Musical" can be a bit saccharine, I have to admit that the music is catchy and the songs have been running through my head for weeks.

High school drama is vastly more competitive, so who knows how often Chris will be on the stage from now on. He's already talking about coming back to middle school (after school next year) to play percussion or work on crew.

Here are some videos of Chris' last middle school moment in the sun:

And because the little brothers always get into the act, here they are singing Chris' part to "Stick to the Status Quo":

Drama has been a great experience for him in middle school. Thanks to all the adults who have made these opportunities possible for him: Jules, Dover, Denise, Andrea, Andrew, Christy, and all the parent volunteers. He's loved every minute!

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