Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy birthday, Billy Joel

Today I heard local radio station playing two Billy Joel songs in his honor. Joel turns 62 today, and as I was listening to his skillful piano playing, I recalled the incredible concert we attended last February with Joel and Elton John. I once read that the best use of one's money is to spend it on experiences vs. possessions...and that concert was a great investment, because I will never forget it.

I remember how my college roommate Debbie got me hooked on Billy Joel, and how I introduced his music to Mike. We saw/heard Billy in concert in Japan, when he jumped up on his piano and pretended to be a sumo wrestler and the Japanese women shouted "Bee-ree! Bee-ree!"

What many people might not know about Billy Joel is that he's a classical composer and pianist as well as a rock star. He is clearly a flawed individual, having been treated multiple times for drug and alcohol problems and married several times. His last marriage, at age 55, was to a 23-year-old. Yuck. (The marriage broke up in 2009.)

But he's a great musician. I leave you with one of my personal favorites--I hope he finds what he's searching for, someday.

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