Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Baroness Schrader speaks, at last!

Did you know that Baroness Schrader, whose engagement to Captain Von Trapp was broken by the homewrecker nun, Maria, wrote a letter to the people who were invited to their wedding? Here it is.

I Regret to Inform You That My Wedding to Captain Von Trapp Has Been Canceled.

This wonderful missive, which includes this tidbit:
I must confess to being rather blindsided by the end of our relationship. It seems Captain Von Trapp and I misunderstood each other. I assumed he was looking for a wife of taste and sophistication, who was a dead ringer for Tippi Hedren; instead he wanted to marry a curtain-wearing religious fanatic who shouts every word she says.

...was brought to us by McSweeney's, the American publishing house started by the writer Dave Eggers. And it was brought to me by my friend Catherine, who is ever so much more hip and trendy than I am. She and her lovely husband Brad always know the coolest things around. Thanks, Catherine!

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