Saturday, April 30, 2011

March for Babies 2011...and over the years

This morning our family walked in the 2011 March for Babies for the March of Dimes. I've lost track of how many years we've been walking, but I think it's about 12 now. We are grateful to the March of Dimes for their research into preventing prematurity, and we believe that their research into the use of artificial surfactant to help preemies' lungs helped Chris survive. (His lungs were completely shot when he was born, as he didn't have the aid of steroids before he was born--when women are in premature labor they usually get steroids, but he came out too quickly.)

Here are some images of our family's walks through the years (since the dawn of the digital camera--not going back into time further than that!).

With my parents in 2004 (Kieran was about a year old)



2008 (and another baby!)--with our friend Kendra and her son Terrin

We missed a few years in the photos. I believe in 2007 my parents took the kids because we were out of town, and in 2010 Mike went with the kids on his own because I was at the Northwest Women's Music Celebration.

Years ago, the parent nonprofit group we are involved with, Precious Beginnings, had a huge group of families walking together. This year, sadly, we were the only family represented. Most of our active volunteers have phased out as their children have gotten older and their NICU experiences have faded in memory. In addition, the HIPAA laws have made it more difficult to recruit new volunteers. After years of my serving on the board and writing a newsletter, Mike's been taking his turn on the board and volunteering in the hospitals for the past several years. But with the dwindling number of volunteers and transitions at the hospitals, we're concerned that the organization is not going to last forever.

This year, as in years previous, the walk was on the same weekend as the elementary school's overnight event, Book Baggers. So last night Kieran spent the night at the school (it used to be Chris), but he was bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning in spite of being up until 11 p.m. After doing the walk, followed by his Broadway dance class, and attending the theater with Mike this evening (a Shakespeare play at Jesuit High School), he's just gone to bed at 9:45 and he must be thoroughly exhausted!

Waiting for the walk to start

My sweet 1 lb, 6 oz baby and his kid brother

Chris--our inspiration!

Nick playing in the kids' tent

Kieran's artwork (with dot paints)

The 2011 family photo!

Many of the family teams were walking in memory of babies lost. Others were there with their preemies, either as babies or grown.

Thanks to all of you who have supported us this year and in years past. It's not too late, if you'd still like to make a donation. (Let me know if you want a link to our online donation site.) The babies and families thank you!


  1. :( I am sorry to hear that you were the lone family. If it wasn't for this darn broken ankle we would have been there at the crack of dawn! Thank you for walking for PB!

  2. That's okay Kendra--I just found it sad the way PB has shrunk over the years. And we missed you! Stupid broken ankle!!