Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Heartbroken over the attention being given to the idiot Donald Trump

Even before Donald Trump began making noises about running for president, I decided to stop watching "The Apprentice." I have always found him extremely tiresome, egotistical, and pig-headed, not to mention STUPID. I finally decided that it was just not a good use of my time to expose myself to his ranting and bragging about how much money he is worth or how great he is.

And now he has made a complete ass of himself. Even though historically he has actually supported Democrats and the Democratic platform, now he has not only gone Republican but embraced the Tea Party and birther wackos. He has also claimed that Obama didn't deserve to go to an Ivy League university. This is truly a joke, since all you have to do is listen to Trump speak vs. Obama. A debate between them would be truly laughable. Check out just a few of the completely stupid things he has said in the past couple of weeks.

A few people posted this excellent commentary on Facebook today (video below). Baratunde is the Director of Digital at The Onion, and he offers his own thoughts and profound sadness about Donald Trump and the ridiculous furore over the birth certificate:

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