Friday, April 15, 2011

Glad to have a friend like you

I've written before about the impact "Free to Be You and Me" had on my life. I memorized the entire record. When I had my own children, I bought the video and CD so we could participate together. Years ago a local children's theater company produced a show of "Free to Be," and you can bet we were there! (That was when we had only Chris.) Marlo Thomas never knew what a huge hit it would be. Bring up "Free to Be" with most 30- and 40-something adults, and you'll see wistful looks in their faces.

A few weeks ago I taught Kieran's second grade class "Glad to Have a Friend Like You," my favorite song on the record. It's a wonderful, fun anthem about no-holds-barred children's friendship. I never realized how many fast lyrics there were in that song until I was trying to teach it to a bunch of second graders, some of whom read better than others.

Today when I went into the classroom, the kids were excited to show me that one of the boys had brought in the CD from home and we sang along with the CD. It is so sweet to see these second graders singing "Glad to Have a Friend Like You"! Almost made me cry!

This was the only video I could find of the song:

Next we tackle "Parents Are People"!

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