Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring beach break, Part 4: dune sliding and driftwood forts

As our week drew to a close, we went to Barview Jetty to slide down a BIG sand dune. (My sister's childhood friend Amy and her family gave us the idea--her parents have a beach house in the same neighborhood as my parents'.) It wasn't quite as slippery as we had hoped...so we're not sure if that's because it had been raining, or if our sled was inadequate. We didn't get much speed, but perhaps that's just as well because it was a BIG hill.

Climbing up the hill

At the bottom of the dunes

Kieran sliding down the hill--when he was still in a good mood!
About 15 minutes later, he was in a huff and went off to sulk...we were never absolutely sure why!

Saturday we had a wonderful sun break (the term Northwesterners use to refer to rare moments of sun during the winter) and hit the beach, with the camera in tow. During the winter, the very long stretch of Nedonna Beach often gets covered with logs...but this winter was exceptional. And the wonderful bounty of driftwood has brought out the true creativity and industry of the engineering beachgoers. All up and down the beach were wonderful, intricately constructed forts. It was a wonderland for a 4-year-old and a 7-year-old!

Fort #1

Mike sitting in the hole

The kids informed me that it was a romantic spot and he was waiting to give me a kiss!

Fort #2 (sort of)



They actually look like they like each other! ;)

Lots of big logs!

The other obsession of the week: sticks!

Fort #3 (with the best view)

Setting up

The great picture window!


Climbing on driftwood

A happy boy--Fort #4

Me and Nick

See the sticks? He was the stick boy (carrying them for Nick)

Fort #5 (my favorite)

This one had benches built into the sand and was huge!
I love this photo of the boys.

Fort #5

Look at the intricate weaving

With my "tiny" boy

Cool archway

Fort #6

Half-started fort

Fort #7

Huge tree on the jetty (the one Mike and Kieran were sitting on in the following photo, from a few days before)

Fort #8

Nick's favorite one

Just a bit of the driftwood

View of the jetty

So many lovely things to climb on!

On our final day, we spent most of our time cleaning the house...which was just as well since we had NO sun breaks. I didn't read as much as I had hoped, but we watched four DVDs and I actually practiced my mandolin. We ate and drank too much (and the kids had dessert practically every day!). I didn't touch the knitting I brought. Most important, though, we enjoyed just hanging out with each other!

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