Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring beach break, Part 2:

After we recovered from Mike's big birthday festivities, on Tuesday we said goodbye to our friends who headed back to Portland. But before they left, Kristin and I took Aimee (the lone female child amid four boys!) off to Cannon Beach for a girls' day out. I forgot to take photos...but we had a great time touring such favorite spots as the DragonFire Studio and Gallery, the Cannon Beach Book Company, Geppetto's Toys, and other shops. It was a blessedly quiet and civilized outing! Meanwhile, Mike and Roger took the boys to the beach and to Flamingo Jim's to buy bows and arrows and knives. (Does this sound gender biased or what??) Then Aimee got tackled by the younger boys...who were going around shirtless (or in Nick's case, shirtless and pantless--he was "George of the Jungle"!).

Poor Aimee! Buried under boys

Such a good sport!

Silly boys

Cheeky grin on that George!
The boys were adrift after Kristin, Roger, Aimee, and Jonah left. Even though Nicholas was the most bereft, I think he enjoyed having Kieran all to himself again (even if Kieran might not have agreed with that!).

On Wednesday, we had a lazy day. Kieran wrote this sweet postcard to his teacher:

Nick and Chris enjoyed hanging out in pajamas for half of the morning.

More Toy Story love

Hugging Jessie

Kieran playing Guitar Hero

We took the sled out to the beach for some dune sliding:

Chris on the dunes

Nick enjoying the beach

On a big log that had been washed up on the jetty

Nick riding in style!

Sliding down the dunes

Here comes Nick!

Chris and Nick

Here comes Kieran!

Thursday, an outing!

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