Tuesday, March 15, 2011

On the shallowness of the U.S. of A...

I couldn't resist commenting on the sad irony of my Yahoo homepage this morning...nestled between sad reports about Japan ("Japan Faces Potential Nuclear Catastrophe"and "Japanese Village Vanishes"), we have "Bachelor makes final decision." And look at what's "trending now." Nothing remotely related to Japan, except the "Aflac Duck Voice" (only because he made an inflammatory comment and was fired). I find NOTHING about what is going on in Japan to be funny in any way, shape, or form.

Meanwhile, Glenn Beck continues to be an asshole, going on about the earthquake being a message from God because we're not following the ten commandments and because of "radical Islam." Glad to know Beck knows exactly what's in God's mind. (I think HE should follow the golden rule...for a change!)

Not only do we have charity scams out there, but we also have American companies cashing in on the crisis. Wanting to do something immediately, soon after I heard about the earthquake, I donated to the Red Cross via my iPhone and have now learned that cell phone companies delay those donations for up to 90 days. Microsoft's Bing said it would donate $1 if users retweeted a message, and Voskos Greek Yogurt said it would donate a $1 for every like it receives on Facebook. Of course this all begs the question: why can't these companies just make a flat-out donation and not tie them to promoting their products. It's better to give directly to a charity than through a middle company.

Lady Gaga has been more productive: she is selling "Pray for Japan" bracelets on her site for $5 and has raised $250,000 in 48 hours. Still, promoting herself...yes...but in a slightly more helpful way.

While the Japanese are being patient, calm, and polite in their relief centers, the worst of American ignorance and selfishness is rearing its ugly head.

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