Thursday, March 10, 2011

The many faces of Nicholas

This morning before I left for work, Nicholas appeared around the corner in this getup.

Hawaiian Daniel Boone (with Mike's reading glasses)

Last night he got put in timeout for talking at the dinner table and interrupting when Chris was trying to tell a story, and when we finally remembered to retrieve him from timeout (in our bedroom), he was dressed up in a similar fashion.

I've never known boys who love dressing up so much--and Nicholas the most of all. In our house, costumes get more use than toys. Here are a few of his recent transformations.

Tinkerbell (at church)--the funniest thing about this is that Jeanne,
who was the child care provider that day,
thought that Mike was upset with her for dressing Nick up as a fairy!
 Too funny! 
Nick as FDR (from "Annie")

In Grandma and Grandpa's bed--saying "I LOVE this chair!"
Too bad I didn't save mine from college! Remember these things?
As Chris
Annie (wearing a ladybug costume Kieran wore as a baby,
plus Chris' red boxers, and a red wig)
Robin Hood
Life might be chaotic and wild at our house, but it's NEVER boring!

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