Friday, February 18, 2011

You give Christians a bad name

Do you remember reading about the woman who allowed (and encouraged) her son to dress up as Daphne from Scooby Doo for Halloween? Her son attended a Christian preschool at the time, and the moms at the preschool expressed horror that she had allowed him to dress up like a girl. Hence her tongue-in-cheek blog post title, "My son is gay."

Well, she's written an epilogue to her story. Although she did not name the moms or the church (or even her hometown), the pastor at the church has been bullying her to take down the post or apologize to the moms who she "bear false witness against." And that she should stop "promoting gayness."

In short, first the son was bullied (by the moms, not the children), and now the mom is being bullied--by the pastor and the church community.

No wonder gays and lesbians (or people who love them) do not feel welcomed or accepted in most churches.

It's stories and people like this that make me feel embarrassed to even say that I'm a Christian. I do not want to have anything to do with "Christians" like this. And I think she should publicize the name of the church and the pastor. Bear some true witness, sister.


  1. I'm a bisexual atheist and was raised in a largely southern Baptist town. I was treated like dirt. I was raped. I constantly had people telling me that I was devil-spawn, going to Hell, and that I was a disgrace. I had friends abandon me because their parents didn't want them hanging out with "that whore", which always confused me, as I'd never (willingly) had sex.

    None of those experiences left me comfortable around Christians.

    When I first met my husband, he and I were talking about all kinds of random subjects. At one point, he commented about how it sometimes can be difficult to be in his career field (science research) and be taken seriously, as he is a Chritian.

    I stopped and stared at him in shock. It was the first time anyone had told me they were Christian that wasn't using it as a preface to why I'm awful and why I'm going to hell and what they believe is wrong with me. He asked why I was looking at him so oddly and I explained.

    He broke down into tears and said "That's the other reason that makes me embarassed to say I'm Christian. Because it seems like people forget that it isn't their place to judge and it is their place to love."

    I accepted his marriage proposal four months later.

    Christians like you, NerdyAppleBottom, and my husband make the world a brighter place.

  2. Emeryn, thank you so much for sharing your experience. I'm so sorry to hear about your difficult upbringing and rejection from "Christians."

    As a cradle Christian (I was raised Lutheran), I was taught that God doesn't make junk. I believe that applies to everyone, no exceptions.

    I believe there's a special place in heaven (wherever that is) for those of us who have experienced sexual assault. Stories like yours always give me hope for the world.

  3. Beautifully written and I agree! Thanks for pointing this out and standing behind such a fabuolous mother