Friday, February 4, 2011

Women laughing alone with salad

I'm attaching another link that's been stuck in my drafts for January it made the rounds of many blogs I read. It's a timely post, too, because Mike and I are back on South Beach Phase 1 (just about done with it), and I've been eating salads up the patootie! I'm really looking forward to my oatmeal, rice, and fruit again. And dark chocolate! (All in moderation, of course!)

Have you ever seen a woman enjoying her salad this much?

This just shows us how advertising plays with our mind. Those women must really love salad more than I do.

Just for a hoot, I googled a few other combinations, such as women eating carrots:

Women eating chocolate:

And if you really want to see women having a good time, try googling "women drinking wine." I was at Journey's in Multnomah Village last week--for a meeting, mind you!--and a really raucous, loud, disruptive group of women was in the back room. I realized, listening to them, how noisy women friends can get when they laugh and drink together. Yes, I too have been a part of such a group...that now I realize was obnoxious!

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