Friday, February 11, 2011

Why women's fitness magazines are really not much better than fashion magazines... has an excellent analysis of three popular women's fitness magazines: Self, Fitness, and Women's Health. I've never read any of these magazines, although I've picked up a copy occasionally in a waiting room.

According to the article, "weight loss as the goal of fitness and calorie counting as a requirement of eating was mentioned and repeated and harped upon on over 100 pages. The second most popular topic featured in women's fitness magazines? Makeup and beauty products, which take up 60 pages of the publications. We also are taken on a delightful journey through clothing, accessories, and jewelry, because nothing says "health" like having a nice healthy watch by Tag Heuer or a cancer-fighting Kate Spade bag."

Because the #1 goal for every woman is to lose weight, not be healthy and strong, right? And look beautiful while we are losing weight! If not, life is not worth living!


  1. Always make time for yourself to exercise. Join a local aerobic club or do yoga at home.It helps relieve stress and keeps your body in good shape.

  2. Losing weight can reduce your risk of health problems if you’re overweight. Carrying extra weight is linked to many health conditions, and it can shorten your life.

  3. I understand all that, but extra weight is not healthy for either men or women...yet women are under way more pressure than men are to lose weight. And don't we have more interesting topics to read about than weight loss, constantly??