Monday, February 28, 2011

Tables are turned: British couple unable to be foster parents because of anti-gay beliefs

This morning I heard on NPR that a British couple has been barred from serving as foster parents because they disapprove of homosexuality. Eunice and Owen Johns, Derby, penecostal Christians, applied to be respite carers, but they withdrew their application when a social worker expressed concern when they said that they could not tell a child in their care that a homosexual lifestyle was acceptable. The internet is rife with debate on this topic...some say that it's a shame they won't be able to care for children while foster parents are hard to find. They claim they are not homophobic--but that homosexuality in in conflict with their religious beliefs. But how would they react if a child in their care indicated that he or she were gay or lesbian?

I can't help but think of the irony of this situation. Until last year, when the law was struck down by the courts, gay parents were barred from adopting children in Florida. (Utah prohibited all unmarried parents from adopting, but did not single out same-sex couples.) So now, in a highly rare case, the tables are turned. Fascinating indeed.

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