Sunday, February 6, 2011

Such a fun day, not watching the Superbowl!

First, after church, I made a shrimp salad for both me and Mike. Today is the last day of South Beach, Phase 1, and boy am I ready to add grains and fruit back into my diet!! (Not to mention dark chocolate and wine!) Mike, of course, wants to stay on Phase 1 because he likes the rigid structure. Not me!

Then I went to Bargain Hunting NW at the Crystal Ballroom, Kieran in tow. It was my first time to this craft/boutique sales event, and I enjoyed it. It was fun to have Kieran along, but I felt a little bad for him because it wasn't that exciting for a 7-year-old boy. I bought him a Sprite afterward for his patience! He also scored some fingerless gloves (which he's been aching for) and a nice black hoodie. He helped me choose some fleece hats for Mike and Chris (made out of recycled soda bottles), and a Queen Bee Designs bag for myself. He also helped me choose the first one I bought, a few years ago:

QB Bag #1 (I unfortunately ripped part of it on a doorjamb last month, so I inquired whether they could repair it.
They said they could, but the minimum repair fee was $40, so I might as well buy another bag,
which were $40! I'm still hoping to patch it somehow with superglue or something--it's not that noticeable.)

This is my new one--I love it! I know it's a splurge, but $40 for a Queen Bee is a huge bargain,
and I'd pay that or more for a nice purse at Macy's that isn't nearly as pretty!
Not that I needed a new purse, but it's art! Bags are my weakness.
I also got some beautiful jewelry buys for myself and gifts. (When I had Kieran helping me by holding my purchases, the jewelry craftswoman asked Kieran if he'd like a little beaded ring. He was polite but I'm sure he was horrified! She must have thought he was a metrosexual 7-year-old!)

I will definitely be returning to the event, just like Crafty Wonderland, which I discovered last December!

After returning from our shopping spree, I picked up a grocery list and took Nicholas off with me to Fred Meyer for groceries. He had fun steering one of those little cars attached to a shopping cart (which are amazingly difficult for the adults to steer!). Nicholas informed me that his daddy told him yesterday that he got to have a donut for a treat. "Oh really?" said I. But softie mom that I am, I let him choose a donut for dessert and two for his was sweet to see how carefully he selected them for Chris and Kieran. (Nick had a chocolate cake donut, Kieran a maple bar with sprinkles, and Chris a purple sprinkly donut.)

On the way to the car, a woman commented: "You can't see this, but you have a very conscientious driver with you. That bodes well for when he's 16!"

I explained the woman's comment when we were in the car, and told Nick that he'd be able to drive when he grew up. He informed me that he was never going to grow up, because he didn't want to get a wife...he didn't want to have to kiss anyone.

Progressive parent that I am, I told him that he didn't have to ever kiss anyone or get a wife, and that he could live alone if he wanted to, or live with a friend. He liked that idea much better. He proposed either his friend Nick or his cousin Daniel.

Then he told me that he didn't want a girlfriend; he'd rather have a boyfriend. I told him that he might change his mind about the kissing thing.

At home I made grilled rock lobster for dinner with sauteed garlic asparagus and salad. (The kids had pizza.)

Chris is the only one who's watched the whole Super Bowl--Kieran and Mike have watched a bit. I did not see any of it--I have only watched it twice in my life, and it was only because we were invited to parties!

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