Sunday, February 6, 2011

Seinfeld, recut

I'm posting these great Seinfeld recut videos in honor of my brother-in-law, David, who (in the old days of VHS) videotaped every single episode of Seinfeld in existence. I have to admit, it was a great show!

Jerry the Great:

and Kramerica:

David, I know you rarely have time to watch your old Seinfeld gems any longer, so enjoy this (very brief) walk down memory lane!


  1. I had (maybe still HAVE at my parents?) EVERY episode of ER on VHS! Hahahahaha. Thanks for the memories! Your boys and Noah probably won't even know what VHS is!

  2. Love ER! (And miss it, too!) Is Noah named after Noah Wyle? Haha! (People have asked us if we named Christopher (Hugh) after Hugh Grant! (I actually like Hugh Grant, but it was Mike's dad's name. We thought of him as Chris' angel in the NICU.)