Friday, February 11, 2011

Just a few of the stupid things the Republicans are doing...

Slashing EPA's budget by $1.6 billion, yet preserving $4 BILLION in oil subsidies! Yes, you can tell what they believe is truly important. BIG OIL.

Considering Donald Trump as a viable candidate for 2012 presidential race. Not sure which one would be worse (or better for the Dems): Trump or Palin?

Posing without a shirt on Craiglist (although he's a married man).

Attacking women's health and fighting against family planning. "This legislation is really about whether the role of America's government is to continue to fund a practice that takes the lives of over one million little Americans every year."—Republican Representative Trent Franks of Arizona, who also chairs the Judiciary Subcommittee overseeing the legislation

Trying to persuade people that taxes on soda pop are going to cripple American working families. Oh please. If you are having troubles paying the food bill, DRINK WATER!

Proposing all sorts of cuts that will hurt Americans (and those overseas) on every level, including cuts to domestic violence prevention programs.

Wanting to rename rape victims as "accusers."

Considering all manner of buffoons as possible presidential candidates.

So now I'm completely depressed.

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