Sunday, February 6, 2011

Have you ever wondered what happened to Stephen Hawking?

He's still alive and vital, after 50 years of living with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), the longest anyone has ever survived with the illness.

Earlier this week Hawking went to see Jane Fonda in "33 Variations," a play in which she portrays a woman with ALS.

As Jane Fonda writes on her blog:
"I asked him if he thought I acted the ALS properly in the play... Letters and numbers darted around the screen... unfathomable. 'You were...' was all we saw for quite a while. I thought (arrogance?) that maybe he was going to say, 'You were brilliant!' When at last he finished the sentence it read, 'You were my heart-throb,' and... the (computerized) voice said the words aloud.

"I about fainted and everyone broke into laughter. 'What's this 'were'?' I asked. 'What am I now, chopped liver?' And I could see he was laughing although all I saw was his face blushing and his cheek moving slightly. But I know he was laughing. 'It must have been Barbarella, right?' I asked. And he typed out 'Yes.'"
Clearly, it was a moving (and funny) interchange for both of them. She closes by saying:
"All of us went home last night–i know I did–enlivened and inspired by Stephen. If ever I am confronted with terrible physical impairment, I will remind myself of him, try to be stubborn, and not forget my sense of humor–or my heart throb(s)."


  1. seems smart but the illness is scary

  2. One of the most brilliant minds of all time. I don't like the fact that he's got no beliefs, he once said when a human dies their brain switches off like a computer.

  3. He is brilliant and it seems very positive with a sense of humor too. But so sad that he doesn't believe in God. If he were to think a little more about life, and wonder Who gave him his brilliant mind? Who kept him alive all these years against all odds? Who gave him the will to live? If he would just ponder on this, he would have to agree that God Almighty, Creator of the Universe, gave him all this and more. We all have some kind of disability, wether it be physical, emotional, intellectual and mostly spiritual. Spiritual disability (disbelieve in Yahweh- God Almighty, and His Son Jesus Christ our Saviour and the Holy Spirit of God) is the worst kind of disability. Because, even if, against all odds, you live a great life, you live it without hope. And that makes me terribly sad...