Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ever wanted to be like Murphy Brown and put the idiots in their place?

I was a huge Murphy Brown fan...I always wished I could come up with a bold, snappy response to people's stupid comments. Of course, she wasn't particularly nice to people at times...she didn't suffer fools gladly. But what I admired most was her speed. (Yes of course she wasn't a real person, but we all know people who have this ability.)

If you enjoy that kind of snappy retort, you need to read this clever e-mail exchange between a homophobic redneck and a blogger: "I have read your website and it is obvious that your a foggot." Yes, the writer makes some broad generalizations about working class, uneducated sorts  (ever notice that the worst kind of insults hurled on the internet involve horrific grammar and spelling?)...but the foggot-name caller was asking for it. Again and again and again.

This one made me laugh out loud. And admire the writer's wit and way with words.

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