Saturday, February 26, 2011

ABCs of me

My friend Kristin (we were in college together--we were fellow English majors and also lived in the same dorm--she's also the one who was persecuted with me for being a Democrat!) posted this on her blog, and I cannot resist a good quiz. So here goes!

A-Age: 46. Kristin said that she was the oldest person she'd seen participating, but I have her beat (because she's 45).

B-Bed size: Full. We have my grandparents' bedframe. I think when we purchase a new bed, we might upgrade to a queen.
C-Chore I hate: Taking out the garbage. I was traumatized when I was in college, living off-campus, and a garbage bag broke--and I saw a chicken bone covered in maggots. Yes, we were college students. I suppose it had been awhile since the garbage had been emptied!!! (Mike does this chore--thank you, sweetheart!) I also dislike cleaning plates that have been stained with runny egg yolks, and also dumping out stagnant water in the sink. Blech!

D-Dogs: I'm not really a dog person.
E-Essential start to the day: Taking a shower. People who have lived with me--from my dorm mates to my current family--know that I'm not very coherent before taking a shower. And not very friendly. :)
F-Favorite colors: Jewel tones: blue, green, purple.
G-Gold or silver: Silver

H-Height: 5 feet even
I-Instrument I play: Guitar, mandolin, violin and cello (long ago)

J-Job title: Writer/editor, proposal manager, communications manager, staffing manager (yes, I have to be very organized at work...)
K-Kids: Three entertaining boys!
L-Live: Portland, Oregon
M-Mother's name: Shirley

N-Nickname: In junior high, I was "Babyburger" (from the A&W burger family). Now I have a coworker who calls me "GG." I like it! I call her "CC."
O-Overnight hospital stays: Multiple, since birth. I was born with a cleft  lip and palate, so I had multiple surgeries from childhood on, including a couple of jaw surgeries. As an adult, I've had three three 3-night hospital stays each.
P-Pet peeve: Flakey people--who commit to something and don't follow through. Plus people who are disrespectful to others.  I could give you a truckload of grammatical pet peeves, but we don't want to go there. :)
Q-Quote from a movie: Drawing a blank here. I'll go with this one, from "Sense and Sensibility"--Edward, saying to Elinor: "My heart is, and always will be, yours."

R-Right or left handed? Right.

S-Sibling: A younger sister and younger brother
T-Time you wake up: around 7:00, if I'm lucky...if I"m not woken up by the kids, I could sleep until 8:00.
U-Underwear: Yes.
V-Vegetable you dislike: Raw red onions. I would usually say brussels sprouts and beets, but I like both of those if they are prepared in certain ways. Raw red onions, no thank you...this can be a problem, because they are VERY trendy.

W-What makes you run late? Kids. And thinking I can get someplace sooner than I actually can.
X-rays I've had: I've never had a broken bone, but I've had all sorts of ultrasounds and hysterosalpincograms (and such) done.

Y-Yummy food you make: I think I'm a pretty good cook--two of my specialties are spicy chicken mulligatawny and banana cake (from a recipe from the Silver Palate Cookbook)
Z-Zoo favorite animal: Sea otters (not in every zoo, but they are in the Oregon Zoo!)

So there you go, all about me, alphabetically! Now it's your turn!


  1. Interesting! Have never heard of a hysterosalpincogram. One of my pet peeves - restaurants that play their background music so loud that it disrupts your ability to have a conversation.

  2. It's a lovely test where they shoot dye up your fallopian tubes and try to see if they are clear. (It's when I was having repeat miscarriages and I got put through a battery of tests.) I don't like background music that's too loud either.

  3. Sleep till 8, eh? You're being unusually conservative...

    I didn't know that's why I get to take out the garbage. I'll have to come up with some horror stories of my own, and then the kids can do it!

    Love you.