Monday, January 3, 2011

Wife is the new black

I cannot take credit for that title--it's the work of my lovely husband, who told me I must post about the antics of the younger two boys.

Wife Anecdote #1

Last week, when the family was dining at our local Burgerville (a great local fast food chain that serves local, sustainable foods), 4-year-old Nicholas commented to Mike:

"Daddy, you're sitting with your GIRLFRIEND!" (said in a provocative, flirtatious, teasing way)

Kieran pointed out that I was actually his wife, so then Nick said "Daddy, you're sitting next to your WIFE!" (said in the same provocative, teasing tone of voice), after which Mike commented "I think that's the only time the word 'wife' has been said in such a way!"

Wife Anecdote #2

My lovely and talented husband found out today that he has won a 20-minute Skype conversation with two literary agents (from a contest on one of the agent's blogs). Yay, Mike!!!

He happened to be wearing a ski cap when he told us this news at dinner. Later I asked if he'd been wearing the hat all day, and his mother said "You'd better not wear it when you're on the video!"

At which he began putting on a working class English accent, talking about introducing all of his kids and me to the agents on the which Kieran shouted "And this here is my red-hot smoking American wife!" Yes, the 7-year-old said that.

No, it wasn't an original. Where did he learn it? From a preview for "The Ballad of Ricky Bobby" on the Pink Panther DVD. Lovely. But hilarious.

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