Friday, January 21, 2011

Think I have a villain in the making?

Kieran's in an after-school drama club again. He's been waiting for it to start for MONTHS. After the first session, the teacher told Mike that Kieran was "advanced" because he knew all the theater lingo. She asked whether we take him to the theater a lot. Haha!

The kids will be writing their own play, and although when I asked him what it was about yesterday he said "Mom--it was just the first day!" he has come up with his costume and his character.

Kieran the gangster (notice the gray gunk on his face?)
Card shark
(not sure where he came up with this!)
From a fairly young age, Kieran's been fascinated by villains. Should I be worried?

A young pirate eating ice cream

As the Wicked Witch of the West at his 4th birthday
party (with Uncle Henry, Aunty Em, and Dorothy)

With the WWW herself (after a production of the "Wizard of Oz" at Washington Park)

Conducting a seance, communicating with the dead

Wizard in Wellies


Batman pirate

Reminds me of the photo of Sirius Black behind bars!

Dracula (Halloween 2009)

In fencing class--en garde!

The female Lisbeth Salandar
(who, I realize, is not a villain, but she is tough!)
 Then there's the obsession with weaponry:

With the gun in the pirate store I refused to let him buy
(but told him I would take a photo of)

With one of his many swords (and Daniel Boone cap)
I'm just kidding of course. Even though he's drawn to the dark side, he's really a sweetheart.

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