Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rainy weekend at the beach

We spent a rainy three-day weekend at the beach...watching movies, playing games, reading books, doing plays (Nick), playing with lego, and hanging out. (I also did some work, unfortunately!)

For those of you not on Facebook (or not checking it), here were some of the conversations from the weekend:
"Nick wants Chris to be in his play, Scooby Doo and the Yeti's Winter Wonderland. Chris said okay, but then he started doing his homework, to which Nick shouted 'Chris! It's not called The Yeti and His Homework'!! Poor Chris...always getting bossed around by his YOUNGER brothers!"
"Slept in until 8:30 this a.m. Mike told the boys that I'm not an early bird like they are...and that I'm a night owl. Nick then said 'oh, you mean she's hibertating?'"

Kieran with the slingshot he bought at Flamingo Jim's...

Chris doing homework

Mike and Nick watching a movie

Nick eating grapes
More grapes
Tillamook County was hit by widespread flooding. After we drove down to the beach on Friday night, the next day Highway 6 was closed because of a landslide 6 miles east of Tillamook. Consequently, we drove back via the Mohler Road, which is very windy and full of hairpin turns (not a favorite for our carsick-prone boys, but I don't mind it). Then today Highway 101 was closed north of Rockaway because of another landslide...so we are fortunate we left when we did.

Because of the intense rain, we got down to the beach as a family only once, on Monday. (Mike and Nick also went out in the rain on Sunday.)
The boys posing on a picturesque tree trunk
My little poser

The log, unadorned

My shy retiring boy ("Mom, take a photo!")

And another one...
He's determined to be the first middle child with tons of photos!

Walking on the log-laden beach by the jetty



View from the jetty--wintry, silty ocean

The other side of the jetty


Chris and Mike

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