Monday, January 31, 2011

Now this is an idea that is long overdue...

Tesco parent-child parking spaces (UK)
New York City is considering a bill that would give women who are having difficult pregnancies special parking privileges. Many grocery stores and other establishments in the UK have special parking spaces for parents with young children. In fact, a young woman in Worchester is demanding more family parking in the city of Droitwich. In ways such as these, Britain is more family friendly than U.S. In other ways, not so much (for example, the dearth of ADA-accessible doorways and buildings, which make stroller access very difficult...or the intolerant glares of not-so-child-friendly people...).

When Chris was on oxygen as a newly discharged NICU baby, we had a disabled parking sticker, which came in handy with an infant on oxygen. Of course, we hardly ever went anywhere in public with him, since it was winter and we were terrified of him catching something.

Pregnant women--especially those special ones who are having difficult, high-risk pregnancies--deserve to have life made a little bit easier for them. I've always been shocked to see the lack of chivalry displayed both by men and healthy women who fail to give up their seats for pregnant women.

And while we're at it, parents with young children also deserve a little bit of extra help at the supermarket.

Of course...if the U.S. were ever to enact such special parking privileges for either high-risk pregnant women or parents with young children (not that this would ever happen here!), it's too late for us to take advantage of them! :)


  1. But not to late for your sons' wives to use them!

    I have remarked about this several times to Jason and totally agree. Lots of times people are pretty considerate towards the pregger crowd, but lots of times they aren't. I think that the people who do give up their seats and such are OTHER women who have already had babies because they know how awful it is!

    And my mom has called the cops several times on people who park in disabled spaces w/ no sticker or sign. So. Not. Cool.

  2. Great point, Katie! Last night the topic at our dinner table was the fact that eventually, our boys would be uncles. Nick called Kieran "uncle," so I explained to him that someday Kieran would be uncle to his children. All three boys got a huge kick out of this concept!! Hard to imagine now...but time just flies by when you have children. The time will be here before I know it!

    Yes, I always give up my seat to pregnant women! And good for your mom.