Thursday, January 27, 2011

Big brothers

I'm sure it's hard to be the youngest child at times. (I wouldn't know, being an oldest child.)

Even though he does get a fair amount of bossing around and has to fight for his rights sometimes (solely with Kieran, really), Nicholas is lucky to have two older brothers. (I would have liked an older sibling, even though I also liked being the oldest myself.)

The other day Kieran gave Nicholas a martial arts lesson--Nick was wearing one of his old belts and using oven mitts for martial arts gloves (not sure who came up with that idea!):

I've had meetings the last two nights after work. Last night I home from work to find Chris reading a book to Nicholas. He was watching him while Mike took Kieran to martial arts. Such a wonderful sight! I had only a half-hour before I had to go out again, and was trying to eat my dinner while Nick wanted to clamor on my lap. Chris suggested they go up to his room together. Soon I heard Nick singing, which he does when he's happy.

There's nothing that makes a parent more content than seeing his or her children spend time with each other and enjoy each other!


  1. "Now okay. So I want you to punch me, then kick me..." WHAAATT????

    So cute, especially that mitt! Though I never plan on getting pregnant again if I can help it (!), I would love for Noah to have a little brother through adoption. Boys are so much fun (but also alot of trouble, as one of my kindergartners reminded me!)

  2. I know, isn't that funny?

    You never know, once you have Noah you might change your mind (after you forget how hard pregnancy has been for you). I was one of those crazy women who loved being pregnant, even though I had so many stressors. I certainly never thought I would have THREE children. So you never know!