Friday, January 21, 2011

Be careful if making a right turn on a red light in Oregon

Some of you might have heard our story about how Mike received a $200+ ticket for supposedly driving in the bike lane near the Old Market Pub in southwest Portland. It was a trap set up to catch drivers, because cyclists had complained about people driving in the bike lane. No cyclists were in sight, and Mike does not believe he drove into the bike lane...but to be honest, the curve is difficult to make without veering into it slightly. He went to court but was unable to get his fine reduced by much.

Now it pays to be very careful about coming to a full stop before turning on a red light or at a stop sign. Fines could be up to $382 in the City of Beaverton.

Curious about where you can turn right on red? This site, although unofficial, explains where it is permissible. Apparently it is illegal in Britain and New York City.

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