Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Are you named after a saint?

Growing up as a protestant, I'd never even heard the idea of being named after a saint until I married a Catholic. Mike had several very Catholic aunties who insisted that every child in the family be named after a saint. Part of me wanted to rebel against this and name our children some far-out, weird names...but the fact is, I'm not as crazy about far-out, weird names. I tend to like the more classic names. We ended up naming our sons names that we loved, but they also happen to be saints' names (damn!):

Christopher (even though he was officially dropped as a saint because they now think he was a legend rather than a real person)
Kieran (actually two Saint Kierans!)
Nicholas (patron saint of bakers and pawnbrokers!)

Even their middle names (Hugh, Robert, and David) are saints' names!

Then there's Marie (tons of Saint Maries, not to mention Marys) and Michael (also lots). I guess we are a truly holy family! (Ha!)

I know that the pope would like our family. He has registered his dismay at how many people are neglecting to name their children after saints. What is the world coming to? Take a look at the top baby names in 2010. For every Matthew, Mary, and Michael, there's an Addison, Layla, Kylie, Wyatt, and Cooper.

I'm glad that the pope is concentrating on something more important this time rather than spending his time on the priest sexual abuse problems...

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