Saturday, December 18, 2010

Small Friends holiday celebration

Thursday was Nicholas' first little holiday concert at preschool. The kids sang a selection of songs from their first term at preschool. They are so cute!! Then we had cookies and punch. Very sophisticated, you know!

Little St. Nick ready to sing

Nick sitting next to his buddy Nick
I told Mike later that preschool is like middle school, because Nick told me later he doesn't like Oliver--the boy sitting on the other side of Nick--because essentially he wants Nick all to himself. He doesn't want to share his friend!
Our enthusiastic performer
Singing Jingle Bells with the bells they made
At the reception with all of his grandparents
Daddy reading a Christmas story

With his teacher Sydney
With Teacher Marah (she tickled him to get that grin!)
Here are a couple of videos of the performance--Tommy Thumb:

And "Late Last Night" (one of Nick's favorites):

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