Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pregnancy photos

I suppose you could call me a bit of a prude. I was not one of those pregnant mamas who bared her tummy in public. I didn't show any of my midriff at all, in fact. For those women who do so, all power to them. I loved being pregnant, and after having my pregnancy abruptly end at 24 weeks the first time around, I enjoyed seeing my belly grow round. But to show it off in public (or even the privacy of my own home, on the wall)? No way.

These are the only photos I have from my last pregnancy:

A few days before the birth, in my favorite maternity dress

And the morning of the scheduled c-section, at the hospital--
the last time I would ever be pregnant! :(
I have seen some very tastefully done pregnancy photos, but as much as I loved being pregnant, I wouldn't want to spend loads of money on photos of my belly. Much better to spend it on photos of the baby!!

I had to laugh out loud when I read this blog post by Katie, a woman we know who is trying to stave off premature labor...about someone asking her if she was going to do "pregnancy photos." She posted a link to this amazing site that showcases "awkward pregnancy photos." I love them. Absolutely hilarious. And absolutely why I would never do pregnancy photos.


  1. You look so happy in your photos! Sadly I have few photos of when I was pregnant.

    That blog? HILARIOUS! Looking at those photos is like watching a wreck...you know you shouldn't but you just can't look away.

  2. Thanks Lizzi--I look huge in them! It's quite amazing to think back and remember that period in my life.

    Isn't it funny? I can't believe people would expose themselves in such a way, but I suppose it takes all kinds to make a world!