Monday, December 6, 2010

Need some Christmas gift ideas?

What more could a woman want?

Haven't you always longed for a bottling outfit?

Now that's a tactic I've not previously considered--
act just like a little child. Cry and he'll get it for you.
And don't those gifts look appealing?

Or a gift of lung cancer?
Just what I've always wanted!
My own enormous case of Camels!

The family that shoots together stays together!
Gee--3 boys! Just like our family.
What do you think, honey?
Matching guns for the 5 of us?
I'm feeling very scroogey this year about the excitement of retailers (sales are up! the economy is recovering!). As a society, we spend far too much each holiday season on things we do NOT need.

*These ads are all courtesy of this great web site: "Top 48 ads that would never be allowed today," and all are in the creative commons.

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