Thursday, December 16, 2010

Marlo Thomas and Phil Donohue

As I wrote on my book blog today, I was a "Free to Be You and Me" girl. I memorized "Ladies First" and "Boy Meets Girl," in addition to many of the songs. My favorite was "Glad to Have a Friend Like You." I will always be grateful to Marlo Thomas for being a feminist who reached out to children and tried to demonstrate that kids have choices and do not have to follow classic gender roles. I love her. I just finished reading her memoir, Growing Up Laughing.

Then there's Phil...the classic talk show host and in my opinion, the best. I loved him. We need more Phils on TV. Recently they appeared on the show of another talk show great, Ellen. If I were home all day and watching TV, Ellen would be my first choice. As it is, I'm lucky if I view an occasional clip on the internet. I love the way they all laugh together in this clip:

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