Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The first few days of Christmas...

In our house, those are Christmas Eve and day, since we celebrate Epiphany and leave up our tree and decorations until then. We enjoyed Christmas this year, although it was marred by the death of my cousin John the week before (we were not close because he was a bit of a recluse, but my parents faithfully visited him in the hospital and helped him tremendously before he died) and concern about various family members. However, I loved spending time with my sister and her family (who were here the week before Christmas), extended family and friends, and my nuclear family. Here are some images from our Christmas celebrations...

A few days before Christmas, I met Mom, Nadine, and Olga (Mike's mum)
for lunch at Pastini after their Christmas shopping trip

Nadine and Olga

Nick and Kieran on Peacock Lane
Aunts Barbara and Terry at the family Christmas Eve dinner
Cousins Cori and Cameron with baby Caden
Two of the oldest cousins in the bunch--Chris and McKenna
The cutest four-year-olds in the family!
The cuties with their mommies--my cousin's wife Stephanie with Abigail and Ainslee

Mike (aka preacher man) saying the prayer

Cousins Daniel and Nick
Aunt Terry with stepdaughter Kim and daughter Cori

Mike's mum, happy with the whiskey she won in the gift swap!

Many of the cousins and their partners (but missing some of them!)
The next generation

My dad and three of his brothers (and Nick)
Nick with his Santa gift on Christmas morning
Olga, Nadine, and David at Christmas Brunch

Nick happy with his new art supplies
My sister Nadine, her husband David, and oldest son Ryan

My mom with Mike's mum (looking a little giddy!)

Kieran with his new Indiana Jones hat
Dad with Garrett

Kieran with the twins
My brother-in-law modeling the sweatshirt we gave him

My mom and me in our Christmas cracker hats

Mike with the teenager :)

Nadine and David
Now that's a real teenager look...
Me and Mike

It seems like we spent more money this year on Christmas than usual...I got Mike a laptop, we bought Chris a drum set, and Mike gave me a gift certificate for the Sylvia Beach Hotel. They were all more extravagant gifts than usual, but at least they will not add to the clutter around the house and two out of the three items are already being used constantly. Kieran got Heelies, which he hasn't yet been able to break in properly. Now we will need to have an austere January!

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