Wednesday, December 8, 2010

$10 Christmas tree

Last Friday, while I drove up north with the two younger kids to my sister's house, Mike went out with my dad to find the cheapest Noble Fir in the Portland metro area. (Our guilty secret is that we've been known to pay $40 for a Noble in past years! Haha!) They drove hither and yon, and Mike scored a small Noble fir for $10...that had a story attached. Apparently it fell off of a helicopter as it was bound for Mexico!

My dad ended up paying a whopping $12 for his tree--he wanted a bigger one than our helicopter tree. Ours is only about 6 feet tall--plenty tall enough, in my opinion.

Each year the men in our family joke about buying plastic trees, and the women insist that we must have real trees. What's the point of living in the Northwest without a real tree?

Nick LOVES Christmas and was delighted to start decorating the tree at last

Kieran being coy

All of the ornaments Nick put on ended up on that side of the tree!

Decorating complete!


  1. Beautiful and what a deal!

    I wish we had a real tree, but alas every year we pull out our artificial Canadian pine. I miss the smell of a fresh tree, but the convenience of this one is so nice.

  2. I can understand why you made that choice, given your locale!