Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Our improv comic

Our 8th grader, Chris, has been attending a Saturday workshop at ComedySportz over the past several weeks. The workshop culminated in a performance this past Saturday. He was the only middle-schooler in a class of high-schoolers, many of whom had taken the workshop at least once before. But Chris held his own and had a blast.

One of the teachers (and ref for the show), explaining the rules

Chris waiting his turn on the bench

Cracking up!
Here are a few grainy videos of Chris in action--"Try That on For Size":

"Yay, Boo!":

And in this one, "Slide Show," Chris is supposed to be telling the story of a broadway musical (Kieran had thrown out the suggestion of "Wicked"), but Chris doesn't know the plot of "Wicked," as becomes clear. Kieran's assessment was that Chris was narrating "Les Miserables" instead!

Chris has the ability to think on his feet and be funny at the same time. He already wants to sign up for another class.
With his "adoring" brothers

With favorite audience members
Right after the performance was over, Mike whisked Chris away to a band retreat near Mt. Hood. He had a very artistic weekend, as did we (with all the Jesuit plays).

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