Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Every Day Is a Miracle celebrates 1,000 posts!!

I began blogging in March 2007. My first posts consisted of my famous holiday letter book lists for the previous several years.

I always longed to be a prolific journal writer, and I have several attempts to prove I tried. I never stuck to it. This is a common problem with me, I must confess--I'm a great starter of projects, but no-so-great a finisher. So I consider it a great accomplishment to have stuck to blogging for this long (and branched out into two more blogs).

I remember my friend Jeannette showing me her journal once...and it was full of wonderful photos she'd clipped out and pasted in, and other sorts of memories. I thought "that's the kind of journal I would like to have, with more than writing!" Well, that never stuck either...until I discovered blogging, which is like an electronic photo journal.

Blogging has become a wonderful creative outlet. I am not a perfectionist, and as you might be able to tell, do not belabor my posts and edit them over and over again. I tend to spit out my thoughts and, if I'm lucky, will read them over once more before hitting "Publish."

Contrary to popular belief, I do not post EVERYTHING on my blog, and I've been known to edit something I've written if a family member doesn't like it. (I think this has happened twice.)

I've found blogging to be a wonderful way to chronicle my experience of being a mom and a lover of life, travel, books, film, culture, and justice. As a passionately opinionated woman, I've also found it to be a way to express my opinions freely without having to ARGUE (because I'm not especially fond of arguing).

I am not sure whether my blog has changed any minds (I suspect I'm mostly preaching to the choir!). The best I can hope for is that I inspire people every once in awhile or make them laugh.

What kinds of posts have you enjoyed reading on my blog? Do you have any suggestions for the next 1,000 posts? I would love to hear from you lurkers out there!


  1. Congratulations! I know you do this for yourself but it is a great gift to myself and others. As I've said so many times before,"You are amazing!" Love, Mom

  2. Happy 1,000 post mark! Keep up exactly what you're doing - I love it.

  3. Thanks Mom and Lizzie--I appreciate your support.