Friday, November 12, 2010

The best of Dar

Many of you know how much I love Dar Williams. Dar is a singer/songwriter/author who grew up in upstate New York. I first heard of her when she recorded some songs with Joan Baez.

She has written a directory of natural food stores and restaurants called The Tofu Tollbooth, and she's also written two middle-grade novels, Amalee and Lights, Camera, Amalee.

I love her intellectual lyrics, catchy rhythms, and harmonious melodies. We rarely miss Dar's concerts, because she exudes a wonderful inspiring energy in person. She literally bounces along to her songs.

She's just released a new compilation album, "Many Great Connections," which features two CDs: one with remastered duets with other artists, and the second with her "best of" songs.

I own all of Dar's albums, and this is a great addition to the rest. Here are some videos of JUST A FEW of my favorite songs (e-mail subscribers, click on the blog link at the bottom to view):