Thursday, November 11, 2010

The advantage of spreading one's children apart... that each of them gets one-on-two attention from Mom and Dad. Chris got the most: six years. For several years now, Mike and the boys have been coming to meet me for lunch on odd Wednesdays. Kieran got three years of this parent time before Nick came along, in addition to lots of quality time with Dad during the day. Now it's Nick's turn when he's not in preschool two days a week.

Yesterday they came to meet me downtown and we had lunch at Nick's favorite place, Steamers. Our extremely picky eater LOVES gyoza (the Japanese word for what Americans call "dumplings" or "potstickers"). Mike ordered an order of 12 ginger pork gyoza for Nick, and he ate 11 of them! Of course, then he didn't eat any dinner...but at least we know he is not going to starve...

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