Sunday, October 3, 2010

Wonders from the garden

This is one of my "eat-something-you've-never-tried-before" experiments from the farmers' garden. It's a French vegetable called ficoide glaciale, or ice lettuce. It's eaten raw, such as on salad, and it tastes slightly salty. It looks like a succulent--the photo doesn't really do it justice.

ficoide glaciale
I also bought a bouquet of beautiful dahlias--purple with yellow stamens. When I was trimming them and putting them into a vase, I found two wonderful surprises. The first was a cricket...which I put into a jar with some greenery and plastic (with air holes) for the boys. Nicholas christened him "Paco." Then I found this glorious specimen, a gold ladybug!


I was quite taken with this little bug!

Kieran is obsessed with Halloween preparations--he spent much
of the afternoon "decorating" the front of the house for Halloween
Halloween decorations
Kieran plans to be a vampire again this year--and purchased his own costume last week. Nicholas will be a pirate, and he's caught the Halloween bug as well. Every day they ask us how many days to Halloween!


  1. Have you prepared your ficoide glaciale yet? I have never heard of it or eaten it, but it is quite a nice looking plant.

    We have yet to break out any Halloween decorations...becuase we don't have any! Halloween is my least favorite holiday but I'm trying to change that for Beau.

  2. No--not yet! I should try it tonight!